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The Gift of Wellness.

We have always wanted to encourage the ceremony of self-care. It’s the foundation of why we created MOSS of the ISLES. Conscious well-being is important to us throughout the year, but especially during long, Winter evenings when the ceremony of self-care can become our own, personal sunlight.

For us, this is a pretty exciting time of the year, despite the chilly weather, the festive season always feels warm. The change in seasonal foods, finding your favourite sweaters, putting logs on the fire for the first time; Autumn and Winter bring with them a more defined feeling of home – a feeling of nurture, and that is the feeling we wanted to capture in The Gift of Winter.

Personal wellness ebbs and flows like rivers and streams. It is not one thing all the time. We change and grow, and our wellness needs to walk alongside us. Spring feels hopeful, and summer is filled with activity. But Autumn and Winter, quite naturally, settle us and change how we take care of ourselves. When the darker days make us feel like we need to go into hibernation, our wellness needs become more enveloped in self-nurture.

The MOSS of the ISLES Gift of Wellness is a wonderful opportunity for us to share with you our commitment to a philosophy of self-care and mindful well-being that we practice daily.

We have developed this collection to help you create an environment of Winter skin wellness, restorative sleep, and overall wellbeing; things that we believe are vital for the festive months ahead.

We believe that home is not only where your heart is, it is also where your health is.


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