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Our commitment to conscious wellness means we actively support and promote our wellness partners

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Existing Spa Partners

Existing Spa Partners

We believe that working closely with our spa partners gives us a unique opportunity to create fully customised treatments using

our line of natural, therapeutic wellness products that reflect

the spa’s vision and also its surrounding landscapes.

Our commitment to conscious wellness means we can create and deliver sustainable and exciting concepts that feel both innovative and organic.

Moss Wellness Consultancy

Moss Wellness Consultancy

Wellness is in our DNA, and we believe that cultivating close relationships with our clients

creates a foundation that builds innovative and unique services, concepts and wellness experiences. 

Combining decades of luxury wellness design, development, operations, industry insights and strategic thinking, our MOSS Wellness Consultancy team have developed and delivered exciting wellness concepts and solutions

to some of the world’s most iconic properties. 

Retail & Resellers

Retail & Resellers 

MOSS of the ISLES exclusive range of wellness products are currently available in


Meadows and Byrne

The Yard



We welcome all enquiries to become a retail partner.

Become a partner

Become a new Spa
or Retail Partner

Nurturing and developing new and organic business opportunities and 

relationships is in our brand DNA. 

Through continued, interactive trainings, new product launches and unique retail education, we help build sustainable business models that maximize

in-house revenue, therapist incentives

and exciting hotel buy-in opportunities. 

We have a deep understanding of the wellness industry and how each property can benefit from its uniqueness. 

We actively, synergistically and effectively promote and support our spa partners.

Your business is our own. 

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