Our services go beyond supply;

we listen, commit & engage.

The Floating Spa at Monkey Island Estates features bespoke MOSS Signature Treatments.

Monkey Island Estate
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Our services go far beyond supply, we partner, listen and consult - working on projects from initial concept design to turnkey delivery. A Wellness Brand at our core, we partner exclusively with unique properties in Europe to offer full-service support and customised treatments designed to reflect each property’s surroundings.


We passionately believe in cultivating close relationships to provide unparalleled service and exceptional wellness experiences. Working with each property individually to express their offering, in their own unique way.


We embark on a journey with you, through interactive showcases, new product launches, and skin wellness workshops. We believe education provides us all with the opportunity to connect and learn. We maximise in-house revenue through excellence in creative merchandising and therapist incentives. We actively and effectively engage and promote our Spa Partners.


Achieve wellness through physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, 90 mins

This body ritual starts with breathing exercises, helping to reduce anxiety and stress, whilst naturally increasing energy. The unique movements in this massage will improve blood flow, muscular range of motion and encourage movement of the lymph.  To complete this whole body experience, the face is gently cleansed and highly nourished with our skin Resilience Face Oil, applied with reflexology style pressure points to increase circulation, and sealed with the Organic Irish Peat mask to shield the skin from free-radical damage.


Restore the body beyond smooth and soft skin, 90 mins

Preparing the body through breathing is essential for the development of this whole body ritual.  Milled Iris root gently exfoliates to reveal new hydrated skin, making it ready for nourishment. A blend of Green Mandarin, English Camomile, Palmarosa and Geranium in a rich cream base of White Poppy Seed, Argan and Avocado oil, is then rhythmically massaged all over the body. Pressure points on face and scalp are performed to awaken and renew.



Re-energise your body from the ground up.

Immerse your feet in our wild Atlantic Sea Salt and Heather soak, while our Peppermint and Dulse body scrub softens and prepares the skin to be wrapped in ancient peat from the midlands of Ireland. A truly connecting, earthing experience.



Find a moment of deep silence and solitude to relieve stress, increase self-awareness and provide space for reflection.

Breathe deeply. Relaxing oils of lavender, myrtle, and bergamot combine with nerve soothing massage strokes and a gentle warm cocoon to guide you to a moment of silence and solitude.*Excellent for those who are over-scheduled, over-stressed, or a feeling of being spread too thin.



Warmth, motion and tissue movement will help improve flexibility, aid recovery from exercise, target muscle release and reduce tension and stress.

Relax and release stretching techniques are applied throughout this full body massage, using a warming synergy blend of essential oils infused with pain relieving Arnica. *Perfect for those in need of targeted muscle release, feeling the effects of exercise fatigue, or preparing for an athletic event.



Reset the body through a cleansing massage to regain energy, relieve stagnation, release toxins and improve skin tone.

Commencing with a gentle body brushing and stimulating lymphatic movements to increase blood and lymphatic flow, a cleansing and purifying synergy blend including grapefruit, juniper berry, lemon and infused with Welsh Horse Chestnut conkers is used to massage the entire body including abdominal manipulation to aid in detoxification. *Ideal for those feeling sluggish, experiencing physical congestion or heaviness, and water retention.



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