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Like most of our ingredients,

our story has humble roots

Our Story

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and our story is one of heritage and a life-long commitment to conscious well-being.


We are three international luxury spa and wellness experts, innovators, creatives, and veterans of the global wellness industry. We are also great friends. Separately we dreamed of creating MOSS of the ISLES. We each wanted to contribute something beautiful to the evolution and awareness of holistic wellbeing.


But there was a moment in our collaboration - between testing ideas and exchanging notes and knowledge – when we realised our combined stories were greater than they were alone. Alchemy, we quickly discovered, exists not only in the creation but also in the coming together of its creators. MOSS of the ISLES was conceived and shaped by our passion and drive to source ethical, sustainable and effective ingredients that would create beautiful, nurturing and healing products.


Understanding and harnessing the synergy of essential oils and extracts have allowed us to create a line of products that we believe embraces holistic wellness, healthful aging, and connection, while keeping an ever mindful eye on our environmental impact. It was important for us to match the purity of quality with purity of intent. 


For us, MOSS of the ISLES is an exciting opportunity to channel the very best of what we have learned, what we have loved, and what we can achieve together. It is the collaboration of three great friends who came together to create a powerful line of products and to tell a story that we hope will enlighten your own.

- Fiona, Maria, & Nigel
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