Men & Wellness

This year has been a time of incredible experiences, but also a time of evolution.

Over the last few months, I have been a guest on several webinars discussing both the response and evolution of the wellness industry. We have covered every topic from therapy to technology, but one of my favorite discussions was discussing how wellness is evolving – becoming more accessible – changing its profile to actively include everyone - including men.

Gone are the days when a man could get away with a quick shave and shower before heading out into the day or night. I’ve always been a bit of a pampered, but when I was growing up watching my sisters twist themselves into pretzels getting hair and skin and make-up to a point of perfection seems incredible to me. I always felt thankful that I wasn’t held to a similar image system.

However, those days seem to have officially long gone, and men who thought they could get away with a quick shave and shower before heading out into the day or night are facing a new reality: wellness for all!

We (men) have been waging a war in which the time spent buffing our car or watching football is considered vastly more important than time spent buffing our skin or watching our health. That battle is now over, and it looks like men finally understand what traditionally women have known all along: self-care is caring for all. With this new commitment to male wellness comes new experiences…new spa and wellness experiences.

Even the most inquisitive men will often thumb quickly through a spa menu, searching in earnest for a Swedish or deep tissue massage – something – ANYTHING – that falls into the stereotypical ballpark of how MEN look after themselves. I’ve been in enough spas to have seen this play out a thousand times, and each time I want to jump in and show them t