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Like our ancestors, we believe our bodies are intrinsically tied to the land & the tides

Our Ingredients

Using raw, therapeutic ingredients sourced locally, MOSS of the ISLES harnesses earth’s most potent elements to transform the skin, infuse the body and relax the mind.


Our formulas are inspired by natural remedies that have been used for centuries to heal and nourish the mind and body. We look to local suppliers and harvesters that share our vision to source the highest quality raw ingredients to showcase the heritage of wild-crafted plant alchemy of the woods, lakes and isles of Northern Europe.



Found in the raised bogs of Ireland, peat has astonishing preserving and moisture-retaining properties that enhance skin elasticity.

Used as a key ingredient in our Peat face and body mask, 100% organic peat gets absorbed into the epidermis cells of the skin.  The harmful positive ions in the skin tissues are exchanged for rejuvenating negative ions in the peat, resulting in enhanced blood circulation and visibly brighter skin.

Horse Chestnut

In traditional herbal medicine, poultices of the seeds have been used topically to treat skin ulcers and skin cancer. 


Rich in saponins and flavonoids, Horse Chestnut is found to improve circulation, is a potent anti-inflammatory and it is known to have great antioxidant properties. 

The conkers are gathered on organic land on the Welsh border and hot macerated in Sunflower oil. Rosemary extract is added to preserve its freshness. 

Dulse Seaweed

Sustainably harvested in the Scottish waters, Dulse (pronounced dullis) is rich in

nutrients, lipids, vitamins, and minerals, which are essential for overall healthy living. 

The benefits of this red seaweed are readily absorbed by the skin, nourishing, purifying, and oxygenating. The use of Dulse Seaweed also stimulates and improves blood and lymph circulation, while combating premature aging. Vitamins A, C, B1, B12, D, E, K and P, zinc, iron, and magnesium are some of the nutrients this unique seaweed offer.

Scottish Heather

Heather grows abundantly across five million acres of Moorland, giving the Scottish landscape beautiful shades of purples. 

This stunning and versatile flower has been used by the Scots for centuries as a medicinal plant. This legendary flower is rich in bioactive compounds which are known to have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, making it ideal as a soothing and calming skin care ingredient. 

Marigold Flowers

A particular species of Marigold flower, Calendula Officinalis (commonly just called calendula or “pot marigold”), is used to make healing herbal ointments, teas, tinctures and topical treatments that have been in existence for almost 1,000 years. 

Marigold (Calendula) is an extremely effective herb for the treatment of skin problems and can be used wherever there is inflammation. It is an excellent natural remedy for repairing minor damage such as sub-dermal broken capillaries or sunburn. 

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